Ending Gaming Business and Reorganized for Exporting and Webshop Business

The core value of Sidora Marketing is to continuously search and explore the hidden value inside the gap between different cultures and deliver this value to people.

In the first step of this process, Sidora Marketing chose gaming business between Europe and Japan to start. Unfortunately, according to the ultra competitive market situation and technical difficulties, Sidora Marketing decided to end gaming business in September 2016.

On the basis of our original core value in Sidora Marketing, we decided to develop web shop business to promote Finnish culture and products in Japan through our own web site (https://kiitos.shop/), which started in December 2016.

We believe that the value of Finnish culture and goods of simplicity, stylishness and functionality will also be valued in Japan, and it will also bring benefits into daily livesĀ of Japanese people.

We operate our web shop business on the basis of the following principles:

  1. Honesty. Honesty is the base of our value. It’s under our behaviors, actions and our decisions. We demonstrate honesty toward our customers, partners and suppliers.
  2. Promotion of culture. We focus on the production of contents on our web shop to deliver the value of Finnish culture through multimedia ways such as articles, photos and videos.

All we do is to deliver value from cultural gap to people and we love to do it.