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What’s important in Google Core App Quality guideline?

We’ve mentioned the importance of Core App Quality to your app, which makes sure the quality of your app reach the standard and bring your app closer to Google Play team. Since it’s so long, let’s check some points out together today!

  • Navigation
    • Make sure the Back button works well on your
    • All dialogs are dismissable using the Back button.
    • Pressing the Home button at any point navigates to the Home screen of the device.
  • Notification
    • Notifications are persistent only if related to ongoing events (such as music playback or a phone call).
    • Notifications do not contain advertising or content unrelated to the core function of the app, unless the user has opted in.
  • Permissions
    • App requests only the absolute minimum permissions that it needs to support core functionality.
  • User/app state
    • App should not leave any services running when the app is in the background, unless related to a core capability of the app.
  • Performance
    • App loads quickly or provides onscreen feedback to the user (a progress indicator or similar cue) if the app takes longer than two seconds to load.
  • Visual quality
    • Sufficient spacing between text and surrounding elements.


  • Google Play
    • App does not offer inappropriate content, does not use intellectual property or brand of others, and so on.
    • The app listing includes a high-quality feature graphic.
    • App screenshots and videos do not show or reference non-Android devices.
  • User Support
    • Common user-reported bugs in the Reviews tab of the Google Play page are addressed if they are reproducible and occur on many different devices. If a bug occurs on only a few devices, you should still address it if those devices are particularly popular or new.

Maybe these guidelines look nothing special, but some more attention would make sure you don’t miss something tiny but important. By the way, I found a digital book ”The Secrets to App Success on Google Play” which I’ll share you soon in the future!!

Source: http://developer.android.com/distribute/essentials/quality/core.html