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The top secrets of being featured by Google Play

What are the best ways to make your app be featured by Google Play? Is it about knowing team members in Google Play and ask them to feature your app? Is it to trust those publishers who say that they have connections to Google Play? I’m afraid that the answer may be “No”.

Here is the real experience from a person, Tatsuo Sakamoto, who ever worked in Google Japan and now working as a User Acquisition Manager for a game called “The Prince Billy Bob” in Japan. He shared the secrets of how to make an app be featured by Google Play.

The first secret is, “Personal connection to Google Play is NOT the almighty magic for your app”. Many developers may think as long as you know the people in Google Play, at least you can let them know you app, which will somehow raise the possibility to be featured. However, the much more important thing is to make an app that “Google Play will be willing to feature”.

  1. Have you read Core App Quality published by Google?
    1. http://developer.android.com/distribute/essentials/quality/core.html
    2. It’s about the Visual Design, User Interaction, Functionality, Performance, Stability and criteria of Google Play.
    3. There is nothing new in this secret, but maybe just a few developers noticed it and read it seriously so far.
  2. How are user reviews?
    1. In average, more than 0? Even more than 4.5?
    2. How have you responded to user compliant?
    3. Have those complained users changed their rating from 1 to 5 after your support?
  3. How about UI widget and API? Android standardized or not?
    1. Achievement, Leaderboard, Saved games, etc.
    2. Let Android users use the interface they are familiar with.
  4. Others
    1. Is the “Return button” working well on Android? (iOS doesn’t have this button)
    2. Available for tablet?
    3. Smooth operation on the app?

Furthermore, Google Play has chosen the best games for 2013, 2014, and actually those best games are great reference for your games. You can also notice that these best games mostly reached the quality standard of Google.

At the end, a great game simply worthy being reported, being reviewed, being shared and being featured. However, developers may also simply miss some tiny things that decrease the user rating or the possibility of being featured. Since Google has published its standards of Core App Quality, what don’t we read it before and during our development process a bit more seriously?

Source: http://polarisx-marketing.blogspot.fi/2015/11/google-play.html