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Test marketing service: A case demonstration

Testing your games before entering the market is always an important way to control the risk. Especially in big mobile game markets such as Japan or China (both takes 25% share of global mobile game market), a proper and critical test marketing evaluate the performance of your game and ensure the success in that market.

Sidora Marketing provides a 10-member team composed of professional Japanese gaming media journalists, game producers and game players with long playing experience to help you evaluate your game for Japanese market in an efficient and effective way with a reasonable price. Please e-mail us for further details: info [at] sidora.fi.

Here we demonstrate an example we did for a story game app, where the tester team is another team we have for English learning products.

  • Play the app
  • Determine target audience
Plan production Example of testing marketing plan

  • Purpose : The test about English learners regarding how they use the story app.
  • Theme : The living situation of the English learners who are 20~30 years old and their impression of the story app.
  • Goal: To know which language abilities testers improved and how much, how the customer review could be improved, and whether they will continue to use this app in the future.
  • Method: Online questionnaire through Google Form
  • Time: 2 weeks
  • Tester : 10 native Japanese people who are learning English, also living in Japan and using smart phones.
Questionnaire Example of questionnaire

  • Please evaluate your current level for English reading.
    (1: very bad, 5: very good)
  • Please evaluate your current level for English listening.
    (1: very bad, 5: very good)
  • Total satisfaction (1:bad, 5:good)
  • Want to continue using the app?
  • Did you like the sound effects? (1: no, 5:yes)
  • Did you like the visual graphics? (1: no, 5:yes)
  • Did you like the colors? (1: no, 5:yes)
  • Why did you think so?
  • Was operation easy for you? (1: no, 5: yes)
  • Was it difficult to complete the game? (1: difficult, 5: easy)
  • How much money do you think this app worth for? (EUR)
Result summary Example of testing result summary

  1. Tester background 

※We provide another team with members from Japanese game industry for general game testing.

12 people 

Gender Male 8
Female 4


Job Office worker 4
Student 4
Entrepreneur 3
Researcher 2
Age 20s 5
30s 6
40s 1


Device iPad 1
iPad mini 3
iPhone 6 Plus 1
iPhone 6 4
iPhone 5 3
  1. Overall evaluation

The overall evaluation is fairly good. Total satisfaction is 3.6/5, and most of the keywords related to satisfaction are “Cute”, “Creative”, “Feeling good”. On the other hand, 3 testers pointed out that the content is too little, which may be the reason why play time was relatively short: 1.3 hours in average. 3 testers stated that the app is better for kids.

  1. English learning effects

Unfortunately, most testers didn’t think it so effective for English learning due to some reasons such as “Not able to check those unknown words in the app” or “Difficult to catch up the speed of the speaking”, and the points that represent how testers felt if they can learn English from the app.  is around 1.9-2.4/5. Nevertheless, testers like to learn with interactions and movement: 4.4/5.

  1. App evaluation

Most testers expressed highly positive response in app evaluation. In the aspect of basic elements in app quality, Sound effects, visual graphics and coloration were evaluated with high grades: 3.8, 4.4 and 4.1/5 together with comments: “Good atmosphere” and “Very good experience”. The estimated average feasible price for the app was 2.1 EUR.

  1. Potential targets in Japan

The best target in Japan is considered to be kids who are learning English. With the children fitting graphics, stories and interactive interface, the app is estimated to be able to attract huge attentions from parents and English schools.

The second potential target is English learning adults ranging from college students to office workers. Although the nice graphics and interactive interface can bring impact to this group, the English learning assistance in the app is not enough yet.

  1. Potential ways for power-up

The first potentially important goal for power-up (improvement) is the add function for English learning: Dictionary, translation and speaking speed adjustment.

The second potentially important step for power-up is more contents, which may mean to have 3 chapters so that users can stay with the app for longer time (with brighter stories in chapter 2, 3).