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Updated: 8 August 2016

SQOOL is a company based in Chiba (next to Tokyo) Japan. SQOOL is led by its CEO, Kenji Kato, and is mainly operating a gaming media business: SQOOL.NET.


SQOOL.NET is one of the top gaming media in Japan focusing on mobile games with the following major corners:

  • Game playing
  • News
  • Game app review
  • Developer interview
  • Game playing video
  • Others

SQOOL.NET is also the official media partner of several major European and Asian game conferences, including:

  • Casual Connect Europe 2016
  • White Nights Helsinki 2016
  • Nordic Game Conference 2016
  • Taipei Game Developer Forum 2016
  • China Joy 2016

Ken Cheng, CEO of Sidora Marketing, is also working as the Chief Marketing Officer in SQOOL.

Website of SQOOL (Japanese only)