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Sidora Marketing Goes to SLUSH, the Biggest Startup Event in Northern Europe

Sidora Marketing announced today of its attendance to SLUSH, one of the most influential startup events in northern Europe with support from a Finnish pre-seed stage accelerator.

Jyvaskyla, Finland — SLUSH is one of most well-known events relevant to entrepreneurs and startups in northern Europe. Amazingly within 7 years, SLUSH has grown from a scale of 200 attendants to 14,000 in 2014, including 3,500 companies and 750 investors. Worldwide famous guests will come to share their experiences in November at Helsinki such as the co-founder of Spotify: Martin Lorentzon, the co-founder of Skype and Atomico: Niklas Zennström, the founder and CEO of King: Riccardo Zacconi, the founder of Unity Technologies: David Helgason and the managing editor at Forbes: Bruce Upbin, etc.


“SLUSH is such an important event for Sidora Marketing. Great people are all there! Energetic, active, smart and ambitious people bring opportunities. Sidora Marketing can’t wait to meet and talk to people there!” said Ken Cheng, the CEO of Sidora Marketing. “Besides, Sidora Marketing also appreciates the support from Jyväskylä Business and Innovation Factory, a pre-seed stage accelerator in Finland. Without the support, it would take much more time and become much difficult for Sidora Makreting to develop its business.”

Although Finland has been famous globally for its high-quality education, support from government and society to entrepreneurship is also well-developed in Finland. Programs and courses relevant to entrepreneurship are provided in universities or educational institutes free of charge. Public funding is another important force to raise entrepreneurship. Small business is always encouraged not just only by words, but also by public financial support. For those who are developing innovative products or services, Tekes, a Finnish public funding agency, provides significant initial financial support. In 2014, Tekes financed 660 startup companies with 371 million euros. As a startup company in Finland, Sidora Marketing appreciates the support and enjoys doing business here.

About Sidora Marketing

Sidora Marketing aims to provide information channels between western and eastern markets. In the first step, Sidora Marketing now is focusing on providing marketing and promotional channels for European and Finnish mobile game developers to deliver their marketing messages to game players in Japan. With the expertise in marketing and Japanese culture, direct connections to 5 Japanese gaming media, 9 Japanese advertisement agencies and 3 Japanese industrial hub organizations, Sidora Marketing creates low-cost and low-risk chances for western game developers to enter Japanese market.