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Updated on: 8 August 2016

What can Sidora Marketing offer?

Sidora Marketing is operating 2 businesses: trading business and game marketing business.

About trading business, Sidora Marketing deliver the best goods to those people who need them between Europe and Eastern Asia (China, Japan and Taiwan). Please contact us for details.

About game marketing service, Sidora Marketing offers a full marketing solution for western mobile game publishers and developers to step into Japanese mobile game market, one of the biggest mobile game market in the world with 22% share of global mobile game market.

Marketing service package

Services Details
In-game text localization By Japanese game industrial professionals who are composed of game media journalists, game producers or game players with more than 10 years experiences in playing Japanese video games.
Monetization consultancy What is the best way to monetize your mobile game in Japan? We have direct personal connects in Google Japan, nend, Applovin, i-mobile and other major Ad Networks to provide you the best ideas.
 ASO Japanese game players feel the quality of your game from the title, screenshots, promotional video and game description. Japanese game players are picky and they only play the best games. We help you in ASO to let Japanese game players feel your games are the highest quality.
Pre-launch registration Provide information and acquire users before launching the game. Example here
Exposure on SQOOL.NET Have the information of your games on one of the top gaming media in Japan. (high-quality games only) Example here
Press release We produce the most attractive article in a Japanese style by a professional journalist for your game and deliver it to more than 20 major Japanese media. Example here; Media list
Gaming media We have personal contacts in 9 major gaming media (250M PV/month) in Japan, including 4Gamer, Gamer, Appget, etc. Our direct connection allows much better chances to make your games reviewed or posted. Example (1); Example (2); Example (3); Example (4); Example (5)
Youtuber Youtubers provide a new channel between games and game players, which is one important part of our service to deliver game information to game players. Our connections to Japanese Youtubers provide the best effectiveness.
App Store feature assistance With a nice and Japanese written mail, you will have much better chance to be featured in Japanese App Store.
Customer support User review is the key to keep user retention. We help you understand how Japanese game players feel your games and assist you to handle with negative reviews.
Online event Operate online event to maximize market exposure and elongate user retention rate. (dependent on the games) Example here
User retention Detailed key information of game playing articles and videos provide game players more information and elongate user retention rate.
Game playing articles and video examples
Game review A high-quality review article (more than 2,000 Japanese words) will be posted on SQOOL.NET to maximize market exposure of your game. (high-quality games only) Review article example
Monetization optimization Support to follow up your revenue and provide advises for monetization optimization.

Business model

Sidora Marketing provides the whole service package with a reasonable price. Please e-mail us for details: info [at] sidora.fi

Optional service

Services Details
Test marketing Before investing precious resource for a new market, we provide you a great chance to test beforehand with a reasonable price.

We play the game first and produce a critical questionnaire (10-20 questions). Then, a 10-member team composed of professional gaming journalists, game producers in Japanese game industry and game players with more than 10 years experience evaluate the potential of your game in Japanese market.

*A detailed report with feedback is included.

A case demonstration

Advertisement We support clients to reduce user acquisition cost by executing advertisement campaign through Twitter, Facebook, AdWords and Japanese Ad Networks through our personal connections in Google Japan, nend and other major Japanese Ad Networks.

Optional services are offered with a special price. Please e-mail for details: info [at] sidora.fi