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How to maximize profitability by in-app advertising in Japan?

The biggest ad network in Japan, nend, shared their experience about how to maximize profitability of in-app advertising. The point is to recognize where users are looking at while using the app.

Where to put your banner ad? Placing ads close to buttons may lead to mistapping, and mistapping will reduce the profitability of in-app advertising. Placing ads close to where users have to look at, such as the “left time” or “current score”, so that users will have more chance to see the ads, which increases the profitability.




For example, a casual game called “Nekokan” uses banner, interstitial and native ads for its monetization as shown in the photos. The major character is cat, and basic game mechanism is as following.

Game mechanismScreenshot_2015-11-27-22-55-03

Tap the screen to attack to get points. Points can be used to buy more warships and upgrade weapons. Keep buying new warships and upgrading weapons in the following game.

Banner ad is placed close to the score bar, which leads the view of players closer to the ads. The native ad is shown on the score bar in turn of the score, which also makes players notice it absolutely. Besides, the native ad is expressed as “Something fun here too!!” or “Check this out!” to attract players to click it. Then, interstitial ad is added after closing the menu window with around 30~50% possibility.


Advertising profitability

  • Interstitial
    • 40% of revenue
    • CTR 0.9%
    • CPC €0.09-0.11
  • Banner
    • 34% of revenue
    • CTR 0.7%
    • CPC €0.11-0.15
  • Native ads
    • 26% of revenue
    • CTR 0.5%
    • CPC €0.07-0.10

This arrangement of advertising ads in a game may be a good reference for your game as well!