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How do Japanese gamers find new game?

A latest data conducted in January 2016 from over 1,000 Japanese mobile gamers!

How did these gamers consider themselves? (N=1,014)

This sample group could be considered as a representative average gamer group.


How often did these gamers play games? (N=1,014)

People in this sample group are true gamers.


How did these gamers find new games? (N=1,014)

How are these answers different from your imagination?


What were the major information services they used for game play?


Are you surprised?



How much did they spend on mobile games per month? (N=519)

This may help you do price setting in your F2P games for Japanese market.

*Please be noted that only 519 out of 1,014 gamers paid for mobile games.


What genres of games did they play? (N=1,014)

Statistics sometimes lie: few huge hit games dominate a large part of this chart. The true interests of Japanese gamers might be (very) different.


What SNS did these gamers use? (N=1,014)

At least, Twitter needs to be integrated into your game.


Source: MMD Labo 2016