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From Finland to Japan! Add Inspiration and Sidora Marketing successfully released their first Finland-produced, Japan-localized mobile game app: Cute Space Bosses

JYVÄSKYLÄ – July 12, 2015 – Add Inspiration and Sidora Marketing are proud to announce Cute Space Bosses is now available in Japan with the Japan-specialized features. Cute Space Bosses is a shooting mobile game app featuring space adventure, multiple powerful weapon upgrading options, various tricky enemy challenges, cute retro design and one-finger easy operation.

Cute Space Bosses is the first mobile game that is Japan-localized through Sidora Marketing’s services. Named with the Japanese-favored abbreviation, Cubos together with Finnish high quality, Cute Space Bosses soon attracted attentions from major game-related media in Japan, such as 4gamer.net, Appget, Game8, Gamer, Gpara, 9-Bit, Gunosy, Sqool.net and so on both in the stages of pre-launch registration and release. With limited marketing budget, the knowledge of Japanese market,  including the language and culture, and the connections to Japanese game-related media were the key success factors.

The 10-day downloads in Japan is 71% more than the downloads from the rest of the world.

Japanese version Cute Space Bosses is available for iOS and is free for download.

About Sidora Marketing

Sidora Marketing is a private limited company located in Finland. Sidora Marketing provides services to mediate the difference among languages and cultures and aims to bring values to different markets from the cultural difference. For more information on Sidora Marketing, visit: sidora.fi

About Add Inspiration

Add Inspiration is an indie game developer located in Jyväskylä, Finland. Add Inspiration focuses on production of high-quality and innovative mobile games. For more information on Add Inspiration, visit: www.addinspiration.com