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Can Taiwan be a testing market for China or Japan?

Taiwan 1

If we think of which markets to launch a mobile game, it come those big markets such as Japan, US or China. People may also think to make the language of the game to be English to cover as much area as possible. Taiwan, as a market that is relatively small and use Mandarin as its first language, is hardly considered as an important market to enter. However, due to various reasons such as the governance of Japan in Taiwan for 50 years until the end of World War II, modern Japanese cultural influence and sharing the same language to China, Taiwan has strong cultural connections to both China and Japan interestingly, which brings it huge potential for mobile game developers to take it as a good candidate for testing before investing time and money to enter China or Japan.


Taiwan 2

Let’s check several factors to see how Taiwanese market locates between eastern markets and western markets. The data of smart phone penetration rate shows that Taiwan is a neutral market between eastern and western markets. Although the operation system market share of Taiwan is much closer to China, the proportion of each kind of monetization model for apps is exactly the number between US and China or Japan.

Taiwan 3

For more direct relation between Taiwan and China or Japan in the field of mobile games, the data is impressive. Top games from Japan can succeed in Taiwan, but not in China or US. Top games in Taiwan are mostly related to the top games in China. These data tell us the deep cultural connection can be observed from the survival of Japanese and Chinese games in Taiwan. So, as an ambitious (certainly you need to be) mobile game developer, you want to enter China and Japan for sure. But before investing lots of your precious time and money, why don’t you try to see how it works in Taiwan as a low-cost test to ensure your future success?