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About us

Updated: 8 August 2016

Sidora Marketing

Establishment: June 2015
Helsinki, Finland

Ken (Yi-Tung), Cheng



As a person who was born and raised in Taiwan, studied and worked in Japan for 8 years and now living in Finland, Europe, I do feel the huge difference among countries, areas, people and cultures. I deeply believe there are enormous values hidden in the cultural gap among different countries and people. The value of Sidora Marketing is to search, find out and deliver this value to people in different countries and cultures.

Sidora Marketing has been focused in game industry as its first step to bring its value to the world. Sidora Marketing has brought several mobile games from Europe to Japan and we also saw many game players love these games. In order to bring the value among different cultures to more people in the world, Sidora Marketing has started to expand its field outside game industry and try its best to give even bigger impact to this world.